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3 Best Old Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

By Tiallana Hirano

Do you feel frustrated when you tried almost everything to get rid rid of old stretch marks? They bother you a lot because they look ridiculously hideous. Don’t freak out! Not all available remedies are for new ugly streaks. Fortunately, you can find some that may reduce the appearance of white or silvery tire threads on your skin. In this article, you can explore 3 best old stretch mark removal treatments that are available to you.

Fractional Resurfacing

Does the name sound scary to you? Don’t worry about it. This method, also known as fractional phototermolysis, is an advanced white stretch mark removal method. This non-ablative (non wounding) laser treatment uses light wavelengths to microscopically damage the skin of the affected area without damaging the surface. This will increase the production collagen and elastin.

If you opt to do this procedure, check first what kind of machine will be used. They are several different kinds of technology available. Patients using machines with the latest technology will only have to undergo one session to see a difference in their skin condition and downtime is only a few days.

Most common side effects are skin peeling and red, swollen skin. This treatment is considered one of the best because of its limited side effects and quick results. Optimal results can be seen in about 2 to 3 months. Plus sessions last no longer than 30 minutes. Those who are considering using this method will probably need to put aside $1000-$1200 for its treatment. However, there is no guarantee that your old stretch marks will improve.

Derma Rollers

Derma rollers are devices used to penetrate through the skin where you have old stretch marks.

When using a derma roller in a clinic, your practitioner will use a topical anaesthetic to numb the skin. This is to ensure the procedure will not be so uncomfortable.

The needles on the derma roller will penetrate the skin at approximately 0.1mm in width, and then the column will close rapidly so that the skin can recover itself. The skin responds by making new skin and collagen. The clinical process itself will take at least an hour- 30 minutes for the anaesthetic to work and then about another 30 minutes for the rolling therapy.

After a session of derma roller, your skin may feel and look as though it has just been sunburned, and you may feel warm or tighter than usual. This will subside within an hour or two. It takes about 40 days, or approximately 6 weeks, to first start seeing improvements in the skin, although practitioners recommend at least 3 sessions to be completed. It all depends on the nature of the scarring.

This is the best treatment for those who do not want to use the laser method, and it is good because its side effect typically only lasts for about a day. Each treatment costs about $450, and you may need more than one treatment to receive desired results.

There are home use derma rollers as well, although these are generally not recommended for stretch mark removal because the home use rollers are not deep enough and are also painful.

Excimer Laser

Unlike the other two treatment options mentioned earlier, the excimer laser treatment for removing old stretch marks doesn’t stimulate collagen or elastin growth but instead stimulates melanin reproduction. The treatment works by emitting short ultraviolet pulses that stimulate skin cells called melanocytes to produce melanin which then darkens the stretch marks. The stretch marks are re-pigmented so that they eventually match the natural color of the skin. Hence, this treatment is best used for stretch marks that are white, or light in color.

Those who opt for this method may typically require about 10 or more treatments before receiving the desired results, as it is not as effective as the other treatments. Also, as with other laser treatment methods, there will be blisters, redness and tenderness, but it should go away within a few days. This treatment is one of the best for really old, light stretch marks, although the results are gradual through each treatment.

The treatment itself is not cheap. It costs at least $200 per treatment, and then it depends on how many treatments you need to get the desired results. However, if you can afford it, then it might be right for you.

There are better options available for you to treat those ugly old stretch marks. You don't have to suffer pain as in Derma Rollers and you don't have to spend so much money as in laser therapies. If you want to feel comfortable about your skin again without pain and the need to spend a fortune, then you should read about Trilastin-SR.